Colm Conneely

Colm Conneely

In 2007, when he was ten, Colm won his first world championship title in Glasgow. He has since won several other major championships and again became the World Champion after "taking gold" at the World Irish Dancing Championships in Montreal, Canada in April 2015.

Colm was selected to participate in the TG4 television series 'An Jig Gig' in 2014. He went on to win the competition and thrilled the adjudicators and viewers with his incredible footwork and charismatic performances.

This incredibly talented young man has already danced his way around the world entertaining audiences from Galway to London, Boston to Copenhagen, Sydney to Glasgow and many places in between.

In addition to dancing, Colm's involvement in rowing, hurling and boxing has helped sharpen his focus and dedication. He is constantly driven to be the best he can be and to entertain to the very best of his ability.

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